About Us

  1. The beginnings...


    The law firm was established in the 1970's by José Ignacio García Hamilton (1943-2009) & Salvador María Lozada.

    Dr. José I. García Hamilton excelled on the field of journalism, academia and as a famous writer, being the author of multiple best-sellers. Dr. Lozada, also a prolific writer, is a former National Commercial Judge in the City Buenos Aires District, releasing court decisions in leading cases for Argentine caselaw.

    The law firm holds a commercial law profile, with special focus on civil and labor law, representing both companies and individuals.

  2. New "Name Partner"


    In 2008, Bernabe Garcia Hamilton & Pablo O. Berthtal are named Parters, aiming to give to the new GHB Abogados a corporate profile, but still with focus on the boutique law firm service, client-oriented.

    Our moto is to serve individuals as if they were companies, and serve companies as if they were individuals.

  3. New members


    In 2013, Off Counsel Dr. Eduardo R. Stordeur joins the law firm, being himself an experienced lawyer and a former National Commercial Judge in the City Buenos Aires District.

  4. Approaching the Future


    In 2015, Ramiro Weihmuller becomes new Partner, with more than 25 years of experience in leading firms in Argentina; Pablo Bergthal moves to Barcelona, Spain.

  5. New partners


    In 2018, Manuel Garcia Hamilton, Santiago D'Eramo & Vanesa Gianfelice become Partners and the law firm reclaims its mother name, GARCIA HAMILTON Abogados.

    Lawyers with a remarkable career and vast experience in academia, provide excellent legal advise especially on labor, civil, commercial and contract law.

    Honouring the legacy of Dr. José Ignacio García Hamilton, all members of the law firm, including Drs. Eduardo R. Stordeur, Bernabé García Hamilton & Pablo Iannello, have an important role in academia, with senior positions in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

  6. Eduardo Stordeur (son) joins the Studio


    As of July 1, 2021, Dr. Eduardo Stordeur (son) joins the studio. Lawyer from the National University of Tucumán (1994) and Doctor of Law rom the University of Buenos Aires (2008).

    He practiced law in the family firm Stordeur & Asociados, was a Member of the National Commission of Competition Defense of Argentina (CNDC, 2016-2020) and is a professor and director of the Master in Law and Economics and of the Diploma in Law, Economics and Regulation in the Law School of the Torcuato Di Tella University and professor of undergraduate and doctorate degrees at the University of the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires, of which he was Secretary of the Department for Social Sciences.

    Among other positions, he was a visiting scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Berkeley Law Schools and has given a variety of lectures, seminars, and classes in more than a dozen countries on law and economics. He has published two books and several articles, mainly in the field of Law and Economics and Competition Law.

Legal services

We provide a wide range of professional services

Our advisory and litigation services include:


We provide advise on Law No. 27.401 on Corporate Criminal Liability by acts performed by individuals who reprensent companies. We give counsel to companies and organizations in order to abide the law and their internal corporate standards, with focus on compliance, corruption, anti money laundering, internal affairs and interaction with the competent authorities.

Contract Law

Draft, negotiation and review of agreements, including but not limited to sales agreements, joint ventures, shareholders agreements, stock purchase agreements, franchise, distribution, agency agreements, profesional services, consulting and outsourcing.

Competition Law

Legal advise; filings with the Competition National Comission and all competent authorities.

Consumer Protection

Legal advise on filings againts competent authorities. Assistance and advise to retailers.

Labour Law

Legal advise to companies and individuals; judicial and pre-judicial filings. We focus in the protection of labour rights.

Tax Law

Legal advise, filings against fiscal authorities. Tax planning.

Litigation & Arbitration

Legal representation against the Argentine Courts of Justice on civil, commercial, tax and labour matters; class actions. Filings against national, provincial and municipal authorities. Administration and liquidation. National and International arbitration.

Real Estate

We have experience on complex real estate frameworks of any kind. Urban planning, administrative filings and authorisations, construction contracts, shopping centers, industrial zones, housing and office spaces. Build-to-suit, sale & lease back, ownership regulation, trusts, options and rights of use.

Intellectual Property

Registry and protection of trademarks; copyright; licensing agreements; "ambush marketing" protection; software protection, database. Pablo Iannello has expertise on start-ups and the law firm has a network of regional lawyers to protect intellectual property in all of Argentina.

Company Law - M&As

Legal advise on company law. Filings with the Public Registry of Commerce. Company registrations under Argentine Law. M&As, joint venture, corporate restructuring. Legal due diligence.

Human Capital


Off Counsels


Eduardo René Stordeur


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Pablo Iannello


Eduardo Stordeur (H)


Manuel Garcia Hamilon

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Manuel Garcia Hamilon

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Manuel Garcia Hamilon

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Manuel Garcia Hamilon

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